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When it comes to making your money work for you and thus saving for the future, real estate investing is among the least risky and most lucrative avenues available. Working with Paradyme, investors not only gain access to deals that would otherwise be out of reach, but because of unique deal structures, our hands-on involvement, and a readily accessible crowdfunding platform, our clients get the advantages that come from working with a firm who understands the market and is invested in safeguarding their clients’ funds.  

Take our current multifamily residential project in San Antonio—perhaps more so than past deals, our highly sought-after Pine Street project really does exemplify everything that is beneficial about this particular type of CRE asset class along with everything that is beneficial about investing in an area like San Antonio. When taken together: San Antonio plus multifamily equals an investment with a return potential like no other.  

Why Invest in Multifamily Housing? 

Google “multifamily housing demand” and the results are sure to impress even the most skeptical investor. Multifamily housing demand is expected to experience a 33% growth by the end of the year with investment volume expected to reach nearly $150 billion by next year. Why? Because right now, in this current climate and market, given the events of the past year and a half, the multifamily market is among the hottest in the nation.  

  • With increasing debt, affordable housing is a must. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, numerous individuals and families are looking for the best of both worlds.  
  • Current housing shortages in numerous cities are driving people to alternative housing types.  
  • Remote and on-the-go lifestyles are shifting people away from the permanency and burden of homeownership.  

When partnering with a firm like Paradyme, you not only take advantage of our expertise as far as gauging what up-and-coming markets are certain to be hot right now, but you also get the benefit of working with an investment firm that allows you to leverage their extensive resources, gains you access to higher quality properties, and presents you with a deal structure that is tax efficient, thus saving you what could be a great deal of money.  

Why Invest in San Antonio Real Estate? 

We’ve covered the multifamily part, now how about the San Antonio portion of the equation. It’s simple really…it all comes down to the numbers. Texas as a whole has the 9th largest economy in the world, home to 50 Fortune 500 companies. As far as San Antonio, real estate appreciation is very high right now, up nearly 12% from a year ago. It’s cost of living in comparison to some other Texas cities is lower and thus more attractive. Perhaps this is why the city’s population growth is currently at twice the national rate. It is #2 in the nation as far as millennial growth rate, and #1 where veterans are concerned. Top that off with the fact that San Antonio is among the best cities in which to raise a family in the US, and it is easy to see why San Antonio real estate investments do quite well. People are flocking to San Antonio and many of them are seeking multifamily housing options.  

Project: San Antonio  

The Pine Street project in San Antonio was one that the team got involved in after extensive market research with the benefit of AI-driven analysis. The multifamily residential complex is ideally located—just seven blocks from the Pearl Entertainment District (San Antonio’s premiere destination). Perhaps though, it is the combination of this ideal location and the units themselves that essentially guarantee full occupancy. The units feature:  

– Ample space (1250-1500 square feet) thereby appealing to the type of renters attracted to a higher end district looking for both the space and the amenities to go with that. 

– Outdoor living space to include rooftop access, a dog park, art park, and a Level 1 yard. 

– Sustainable initiatives including green walls. 

– Higher rents; since COVID, rent collection remains strongest in higher rent units. 

Paradyme understands what works and what doesn’t when it comes to real estate investments. The Pine Street Project with a projected IRR of 22% is most definitely what we view as a solid investment. We want our clients to make money, that’s the bottom line; it’s why we seek out and undertake the projects we do.  

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