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Unparalleled Expertise

163 Years of Real Estate Experience


Expertise from over 20 years and 1,000 transactions of  lending for real estate projects from Fix & Flips to Ground Up construction.

Concierge Service

Comprehensive approach to provide a full range of service including funding, raising capital, real estate development, investment advising, and fund management.

Wealth Management

Paradyme’s wealth advisors are knowledgeable investment experts. Our experienced team will help walk you through the process and advise you along the way.

Client Relations

Our client relations team goes above and beyond for each investor, sponsor, and developer that we serve. Our main differentiator in this industry is that we care for our clients every step of the process.


Our easy-to-use, innovative software, and cutting edge technology makes the process of investing simple, even for those new to investing.

Marketing / Branding

Full in-house marketing team providing photo/video, social media reach, content and branding for each project, developer, and sponsor.

Our Team

Over 1,000 Transactions Totaling Over $1.5 Billion in Real Estate Investment Projects and Developments Combined

Ryan Garland

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Garland’s unparalleled ability to understand the Real Estate market, and to consequently shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career.

Ryan started his lending carrier in the traditional SFR (Single Family Resident) space. Due to Ryan's ability to establish relationships with HNW clientele (High-Net-Worth) and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month during the 2008 recession period. Strictly focused on “workout turnarounds" or known as flips. Both in the SFR and Commercial sectors. Operating as an LP, Ryan was voted #1 Top Originator in California for 4 years straight. Ryan also made top producers magazine. A nationwide publication. Ryan has been involved in over 1.5 Billion in real estate distressed transactions.

Paradyme's objective and core passion are in line with "Impact" investing. Ryan’s forward-thinking leads in today’s capital environment. From Health and Wellness to building material that is better for the environment, our focus is in sustainable assets planning for 20-30 years down the road. A true wealth mindset mentality. Along with, filling a direct need for housing and workout-turnarounds for small businesses with Real Estate Holdings. With more than a dozen projects in the pipeline at any given time, (average of 250 Million) his diversified platform structure is what most alternative investors are looking for in today’s volatile market place. Ryan is recognized throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties. (Southern California) And, with recession-resistant market ventures such as Multi-Family, for rent SFR communities, Office and other specific Commercial opportunities, Paradyme’s fundamental principles of integrity, transparency and exceptional client relations are a component that all investors continue investing and write reviews about.

Doug McAllister


Doug is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the McAllister Strategic Group, Inc., where since 2004 he has been advising startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, evaluating, supporting and facilitating initiatives from corporate strategic planning, turnarounds, leadership training, business scaling and real estate development. Due to his extensive government experience, most notably serving as the Mayor for the city of Murrieta, CA, he also became the Director of Government and External Affairs at Verizon Telecommunications, Inc.

With close to four decades of business experience in a variety of roles facilitating business expansion, crisis resolution, organizational leadership, consulting, executive coaching, strategic planning, negotiations and team building combined with his considerable background and success in the area of private sector/government relations due to over a decade of (appointed and elected) public service interacting, crafting and implementing policy with all levels of government, Mr. McAllister’s focus is to position Paradyme to redefine success in the industry. Mr. McAllister has evaluated, supported and facilitated projects representing well over a billion dollars of private and public funds. His proven track record, alongside his significant reach and influence, are the pillars of his ability to identify and evaluate opportunities for Paradyme, anticipating and mitigating risk, while also assisting Ryan Garland to guide Paradyme toward continued robust growth. Mr. McAllister holds a BSL (BA) from Ozark Christian College and an MA from Hope International University, both degrees focused on the management, mobilization, and motivation of people.

Harold Goldman

Executive Vice President & Senior Wealth Manager

Harold Goldman serves as Paradyme's Executive Vice President and Senior Wealth Manager. Harold retired in 1998 as a plastics engineer but after developing nine patents and sitting on multiple advisory boards for plastic recycling plants across the nation, Harold came out of retirement. He wanted to give back and use his knowledge and passion for financial freedom to benefit others.

Harold travelled all over the country providing educational seminars, preparing in-depth, tailored strategy for individuals to get through retirement. Considering the losses these individuals had following the recession, Goldman provided a clear path to get people back on their feet. Harold’s life experience includes being an active real estate investor for over 25 years. He launched his company and brand Financial Safety Net (FSN). FSN has provided over 1,500 articles spread across hundreds of large publications.

Due to the generation of which Harold relates to most, he was able to identify two very strong investment vehicles that are proven throughout history to provide returns and a direct need. Using 401k’s, IRA’s, Life Insurance, Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds, Goldman has directed clients into the realm of having financial safety. Even though Harold has continued to stay active in his personal real estate investing, he’s most proud to state, he’s servicing over 1200+ clients, with Paradyme. Harold maintains unparalleled knowledge with participation in VC, Startup Capital raising, and has opened the world of High-Net-Worth clients, with an appetite in diversification, to Paradyme.

Danielle "Dani" Parks

Senior Investor Relations

Helping people is Dani Park’s very essence and the thread which connects her career path. Dani started as a Special Ed teacher and then transitioned into the Real Estate industry 17 years ago. With a skill set and vibrant personality which organically took Dani to the luxury segment of the market, she has had the privilege to assist dozens of Ultra High Net Worth individuals, celebrities and major corporations with their real estate needs, whilst helping hundreds additional clients with their residential and commercial dreams. Sashaying from event to event, meeting with clients and partners, Dani is the epitome of Paradyme’s core commitment to constant communication and accountability.

Joanna Dreier

Operations Manager

As Paradyme Funding, Inc.’s Operations Manager, Joanna Dreier brings with her years of experience in account management, operations, customer service and retention and process management. Prior to joining the team at Paradyme, Ms. Dreier managed a small financial services company that financed home mortgages, provided insurance services and wealth management, along with a real estate division.

Before this, Ms. Dreier grew a startup corporate housing company from inception to a global presence in just four years. As a highly motivated, solutions-oriented professional with sound time and resource-management skills Joanna continues to be instrumental in implementing and executing strategic administrative and operational initiatives within Paradyme to enhance productivity, quality, client service and overall bottom-line performance. Ms. Dreier holds an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University and a Master of Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

Averie Templeton

Data Analyst & Marketing Director

Averie Templeton has years of experience as a Data Analyst where her responsibilities have ranged from designing and maintaining data systems and databases, using statistical tools to interpret data sets, mining data, tracking trends and patterns that could be valuable for diagnostic and predictive analytics efforts; serving as a 'gatekeeper' for multiple organization’s databases so stakeholders can understand the data and use it to make strategic business decisions.

Averie holds a double BS in Political Science and Statistics with a minor in Computer Science from California State University of San Marcos. She also has a certificate in R-Programming. She also serves Paradyme as the Marketing Manager. She manages the marketing department, social media relations, advertising and website development.

In addition to strategic business development efforts, Mrs. Templeton generates quantitative and qualitative analysis on the real estate market and current events which impact the market. She is the lead quantitative analyst for Paradyme Investments, spearheading all modeling for data-driven decisions as well as economic and investor forecasting.

Steve Hayden IV

Lending Department

Since launching his mortgage career in 2003, Steve Hayden has enjoyed working with investors in the real estate space, securing financing for their single-family residential, commercial, and multi-family projects. Since then, given to his ability to underwrite and identify financially sound projects, Steve has funded hundreds of profitable deals.

Steve has worked with reputable mortgage companies, including United Loan Center, AAA Mortgage, and Oak Hill Mortgage, where he managed the operations of over 20 agents. Specializing in the sub-prime market, his experience encompasses every aspect of the traditional lending industry including origination, processing and successfully funding transactions. After the 2008 mortgage melt down, his focus shifted to non-traditional and commercial lending, to which he brings his sub-prime expertise to bear, bolstering his impact as a hard money lender. Today he is still constantly learning and keeping up to date with the financial markets while lending his expertise to builders, developers, and loan officers in his vast network. His clients appreciate that he is 100% transparent, accessible and prioritizes communication with them. They know that they have someone looking out for their best interests.

Leah Slumpff

Executive Assistant

With over 15 years of industry experience, project management, and administrative leadership, Leah Slumpff possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to fulfill all of her career ambitions. Leah prides herself on her profound loyalty as well as her ability to connect with clients on a personal level. Her hands-on approach and dedication to communication allows Leah to place client interests at the forefront of her objectives, creating a seamless experience in which expectations can be met in a timely and efficient manner.

For Leah, assisting clients realize their ultimate real estate investing goals and dreams is the most fulfilling aspect of her profession. Leah believes that investing in real estate can have a far-reaching positive effect that can last for generations. She looks forward to providing her unparalleled service and proficiency to everyone she works with, as well as creating a beneficial environment that allows her clients to thrive for years to come.

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