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Service Excellence


Commitment to Security

Unparalleled Expertise

163 Years of Real Estate Experience


Expertise from over 20 years and 1,000 transactions of  lending for real estate projects from Fix & Flips to Ground Up construction.

Concierge Service

Comprehensive approach to provide a full range of service including funding, raising capital, real estate development, investment advising, and fund management.

Wealth Management

Paradyme’s wealth advisors are knowledgeable investment experts. Our experienced team will help walk you through the process and advise you along the way.

Client Relations

Our client relations team goes above and beyond for each investor, sponsor, and developer that we serve. Our main differentiator in this industry is that we care for our clients every step of the process.


Our easy-to-use, innovative software, and cutting edge technology makes the process of investing simple, even for those new to investing.

Marketing / Branding

Full in-house marketing team providing photo/video, social media reach, content and branding for each project, developer, and sponsor.

Our Team

Over 1,000 Transactions Totaling Over $1.5 Billion in Real Estate Investment Projects and Developments Combined

Ryan Garland

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Garland’s unparalleled ability to understand the Real Estate market, and to consequentially shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career.

As an accomplished Civil Engineer, Ryan went on to work with Aegis Lending, a subprime lender, with the Pelorus Equity Group as the only originator and face of the company for four years, and subsequently with Anchor loans, the largest lender on the West Coast with a staff of 90 professionals and $3.5 Billion in annual transactions. Legacy Private Lending is the runway which launched Ryan’s career and allowed him to soar to new heights with the closing of 276 short sales for leasebacks in 2009, $140 Million deployed in 2012 alone, and a consistent 76% ROI for more than three years.

With a unique approach to financing, and the use of private capital for a velocity and flexibility unattainable by traditional banking, Paradyme has funded over 1000 projects, in excess of $1.5 Billion since its inception in 2014.

With more than a dozen projects in its pipeline at any given time, as the only Private Capital firm in the Inland Empire, and with recession resistant market ventures such as Senior Living communities, hospitality and commercial projects, Paradyme has become one of the leaders in the Real Estate funding and investment industries. Every project undertaken by Paradyme is implemented as a joint venture with developers, thus supporting Paradyme’s fundamental principles of integrity, transparency and exceptional client relations.

Kara Garland

Chief Operating Officer

Kara Garland is Paradyme Funding’s COO. With two decades of experience in Banking, Real Estate, Retail and Coaching, Kara is THE consummate multi-disciplinary professional who has fueled the responsible growth of every company she has worked with. As a co-founder of Paradyme Funding, Kara leads the Marketing, Business Development and Operations departments, channeling her vast experience in senior management to create a world class team, dedicated to a level of service and success for our clients, unequalled in the industry. Kara’s life mission of giving back and empowerment permeates Paradyme Funding’s culture, where every team member is encouraged to have a positive impact in their community, and through Paradyme Funding’s dedication of aligning with cities’ visions for low income housing and Opportunity Zone projects. Championed by Paradyme Funding, Kara founded The Salvation Foundation, uniting corporate responsibility and global philanthropy with the support of likeminded investors, corporate donors, non for profits and international empowerment networks.

Doug McAllister


With close to four decades of experience in business expansion, crisis resolution, organizational leadership, consulting, Executive coaching, strategic planning, negotiations and team building combined with his considerable background and success in the area of private sector/government relations, Doug McAllister, Paradyme Funding’s President, has positioned our company on an unparalleled track to success in the industry. Doug has worked with startups and Fortune 100 corporations, facilitated projects with a total value in excess of a billion dollars. The magnitude of funds he has protected for his clients in negotiations rivals that number. His proven track record, alongside his significant reach and influence, are the pillars of his ability to identify and explore opportunities for Paradyme Funding. Doug’s unique ability to stay ahead of deals by anticipating and mitigating any risks or threats, ultimately ensures an optimal success rate for Paradyme Funding’s projects, delivering them on time and within budget. Doug is undoubtedly the Gatekeeper at Paradyme Funding.

Raul Cruz

Board of Advisors

Raul Cruz as a precocious 20-year-old obtained his real estate license and had flipped his first home by age 21, going on to flip 100s more throughout his career. Raul’s curious mind led him to explore investments in Performing and Non-Performing Real Estate Notes Nationwide, and over a decade ago, with the support of a team of talented professionals launched Claremont Escrow which became one of the most successful escrow/closing businesses in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. What started as a journey to support fellow Real Estate investors by funding their fix and flips became Raul’s chief success; Legacy Private Funding has since its inception funded millions in private funds, bridging investors with the most experienced Real Estate flippers. Ryan Garland, Paradyme’s CEO, supported Raul and LPF’s fundraising efforts which led to a lifelong friendship and ongoing business relationship.

Expert knowledge in commercial and residential real estate and Real Estate investments, combined with attention to details, a hands on approach and exceptional customer service have been the key to Raul and his team’s success and an extensive list of loyal clients.

Harold Goldman

Executive Vice President & Senior Wealth Advisor

To speak of Harold Goldman’s career would require a novel. When Harold is not regaling his colleagues with stories of world travels and fascinating professional encounters, he serves as the Senior Wealth Advisor and as a board member of Paradyme Funding, Inc. After a stellar first life as an Engineer developing revolutionary plastic recycling processes, and going on to open multiple plants globally, Harold found a second calling in the Financial Services industry. With his over 45 years of real estate investment and tax-advantaged wealth creation strategies experience, Harold founded, and still serves as Senior Advisor of FinancialSafetyNet, LLC, a financial educational online resource, and takes to the road multiple times a year to share his learnings with thousands of individuals. Harold is President of Emes Insurance Services, Inc, where he has created and preserved wealth for well over a thousand clients.

Francois Renet

Vice President of Business Development

Francois Renet built his career in a variety of roles and industries around the globe, all within the luxury products and services industries. Through strong communication and people skills and a concentration on investor relations, marketing, branding, and business development, Francois has been successful in establishing meaningful and long lasting business relationships with High and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and F500 corporations for the last two decades. Well-versed in emerging technologies, Francois' expertise in this area has been central to all of his endeavors and is a critical part of his skillset. His tech-savvy approach to business has allowed him to continuously hone his core skills and sharpen his focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Social Media and SaaS platforms for deployment in the areas of risk management, client experiences and operations. The pursuit of excellence is the consistent thread in Francois’ career, whether in the service to his clients, support of his colleagues, or success for his employers.

Joanna Dreier

Operations Manager

Joanna is nothing short of being a Rockstar! With a career focused on solutions, operations and account management, Joanna has complementary experience with training and development, customer retention, and quality control. Joanna brings her vast experience collaborating with startups, from inception to exit and growth with the notable example of taking a venture from launch to domestic and global expansion in the financial industry. Joanna is the backbone of Paradyme Funding, relentlessly supporting the team’s dedication to transparency, integrity, security and excellence in service.

Danielle "Dani" Parks

Investor Relations

Helping people is Dani Park’s very essence, and the thread which connects her career path. Dani started as a Special Ed teacher and then transitioned into the Real Estate industry 17 years ago. With a skill set and vibrant personality which organically took Dani to the luxury segment of the market, she has had the privilege to assist dozens of Ultra High Net Worth individuals, celebrities and major corporations with their real estate needs, whilst helping hundreds additional clients with their residential and commercial dreams. Sashaying from event to event, meeting with clients and partners, Dani is the epitome of Paradyme Funding’s core commitment to constant communication and accountability.

Kevin Reyes

Investor Relations

Kevin Reyes started his career serving the Nation as a Special Missions Aviator with the Air Force.

Upon leaving the Service, Kevin lent his experience and skills to help individuals grow professionally through mentorship and partnerships in the Retail, Development, Real Estate, and Entertainment industries. In his own words “Creating your own path to success is hard enough, together we can build a better tomorrow…One opportunity at a time”. With Paradyme Investments’ dedication to Excellence in client services, and partnership with our clients, Kevin perfectly aligns with our culture!

Since 2016, Kevin’s career has been entirely focused on the Financial Services industry, with corporations such as Bank of America and New Western Acquisitions. Whilst growing as a professional, Kevin received eight Associate’s degrees simultaneously, and is currently a year from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

At Paradyme Investments, we are proud to support Kevin in all his community outreach programs, and with the Visionary Mastermind Program which he co-founded; it is an honor to have a co-worker as dedicated to our investors.

Fluent in Spanish, and with a working knowledge of French and Italian acquired during his world travels, Kevin assists our International investors as part of our Investor Relations Concierge team.

David Colley

Media Production Manager

David has shown his digital content creativity for close to a decade, creating magic in multiple industries such as manufacturing and healthcare. Prior to joining Paradyme Funding, David’s focus lay in Marketing content for racing teams launching brands and growing their social media exposure. After producing a video which grew to become a global trendsetter in motorsports shooting, David became the film maker extraordinaire of the industry, with content for Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Funco Motorsports reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers. As a vital part of the Paradyme Funding team, David brings his passion for racing to capture the lightning growth of our company!

Matt Garcia

System Administrator

With his first television setup at the age of 6 and his first VCR repair at the age of 9, Matthew Garcia can only be described as a passionate and precocious technologist!

Matt naturally went on to repair computers for family and friends whilst a freshman in High School. Matt went on to launch his own businesses with Paradyme as one of his largest clients; impressed by Paradyme’s dedication to the use of technology for excellence in client relations, he joined the company as a full-time team member. Our clients and investors’ cyber security couldn’t be in better hands!

From Our Clients

Ryan Garland and the Paradyme team are right in the middle of the investment funding world. Ryan is extremely experienced and works hard for his clients. Paradyme Funding’s attentiveness and diligence are unrivaled, and they are able to deliver results time and time again.

Whit MInvestor, Redondo, CA

Thank you Ryan at Paradyme Funding for delivering on your word and funding our dream project in Beverly Hills! We would not be where we are today without you and your team. You truly made our dream development a reality. I am so excited for our future and what is next for us, with your team at our side. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Jared F.Real Estate Investor, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We choose to invest with Paradyme Funding, because we have consistently received our returns year after year. It is easy to communicate with members of the team for updates on the developments we have chosen to invest in. The staff is always extremely professional and kind.

ChristineReal Estate Investor, Hoboken, NJ

The team at Paradyme has offered our firm, our clients, our investors and our agents unparalleled commitment and uncompromising integrity in every transaction we have had the pleasure of working on with them. Ryan and Kara offer a unique approach to bridging the gap with investors, banks and developers. We enjoy and appreciate the relationship.

Jarrett P.

Not only are Ryan, Kara, and the rest of the Paradyme Funding Team the absolute elite when it comes to finance, they are the most genuine people you will ever meet!

Eric G.

Excellent group of professionals that have always met and exceeded all my expectations. I have worked with Ryan (CEO) and his team for over a year. I have always found them to be of the utmost respectful to me and the clients that I know. Even during difficult issues, I have seen the team come together and find a resolution.

Jason Vander V.

The only hard money, private lender you want to work with! As a fellow realtor & investor, I have seen many in this line of business come and go over the last decade. Paradyme Funding is growing exponentially because they are honest, hard-working, creative, knowledgeable and have integrity. They think outside the traditional box and have great programs!

Matt M.

This is my go-to place for hard money loans. Ryan and his team are friendly and knowledgable. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication glad I have you guys on my side.

Michael M.

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