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Unparalleled Expertise

163 Years of Combined Real Estate Experience


Expertise from over 20 years and 1,000 transactions of  lending for real estate projects from Fix & Flips to Ground Up construction.

Concierge Service

Comprehensive approach to provide a full range of service including funding, raising capital, real estate development, investment advising, and fund management.

Investor Management

Paradyme utilizes Juniper Square’s investor portal for all of our investors. Juniper Square is an all-in-one investor software that is user friendly and gives investors a transparent view of their investment at their finger tips.

Client Relations

Our client relations team goes above and beyond for each investor, sponsor, and developer that we serve. Our main differentiator in this industry is that we care for our clients every step of the process.


Our easy-to-use, innovative software, and cutting edge technology makes the process of investing simple, even for those new to investing.

Marketing / Branding

Full in-house marketing team providing photo/video, social media reach, content and branding for each project, developer, and sponsor.

Founder and Chairman

Ryan Garland

Founder and Chairman

Ryan Garland’s unparalleled ability to understand the real estate market, and to consequentially shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career.

Ryan started his lending career in the traditional SFR (Single Family Residence) space. Due to Ryan's ability to establish relationships with HNW clientele (High-Net-Worth) and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month during the 2008 recession period. Strictly focused on “workout turnarounds" also known as flips - both in the SFR and Commercial sectors. Operating as an LP, Ryan was voted #1 Top Originator in California for four years in a row. Ryan also made Top Producer Magazine, a nationwide publication. Ryan has facilitated over $1.5 Billion in distressed real estate transactions.

Paradyme's objectives and core passion are aligned with "impact" investing designed to create generational wealth. Ryan created the Paradyme platform as a tool to help his clients build enduring wealth using real estate as the bedrock of their investment portfolios. With multiple projects in the pipeline at any given time, Paradyme's diversified offerings are designed for today's alternative investors looking to find non-correlated, low volatility and high return strategies in an increasingly unsettled investment environment. Paradyme's fundamental principles of integrity, transparency and exceptional client relations are the foundation upon which Ryan has built the company.


Mike Reveley


Michael Reveley currently serves as the CEO of Paradyme. He is an experienced investment professional with a demonstrated history of bringing capital and hands on management expertise across multiple market sectors. He previously worked as the Managing Director, Head of Fund Distribution for Scarsdale Capital, a distressed debt fund located in Los Angeles. Prior to Scarsdale Capital, Mr. Reveley served as the COO and Executive Director of Structural Monitoring System (ASX:SMN), an aerospace technology company with operations in the US, Australia and Canada. Mr. Reveley helped oversee the Company’s recapitalization, restructuring and subsequent growth to over 100 employees globally.

Mr. Reveley was the co-founder and CIO of SEAL Capital, a Los Angeles based global macro hedge fund. Prior to forming SEAL Capital, Michael was the co-founder and CIO of Seagate Global Advisors. Seagate was an alternative asset management platform offering strategies in global macro, emerging market fixed income and China based private equity via an affiliated company, Seabright Asset Management – a joint venture with China Everbright Bank in Hong Kong.

Mr. Reveley started his career on Wall Street. He was a Director at Swiss Bank Corporation in New York and London responsible for Eurobond and Global Bond origination in North America. Prior joining Swiss Bank, Michael was a VP at First Interstate Bank responsible for the Derivative Sales Team in New York.

Mr. Reveley received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California in Economics.

Chris Sutter

Managing Director, Head of Marketing

A seasoned financial professional with over 20 years of experience in capital raising, investor relations, and marketing, Chris Sutter brings a proven track record of success in building and leading high-performing teams across a diverse range of alternative asset management firms.

Prior to joining Paradyme, Chris served as Managing Director at Beach Point Capital, responsible for expanding the firm's Private Credit platform and driving capital inflows. Prior to joining Beach Point, Chris held senior positions at CQS, Structured Portfolio Management, Atlantic Asset Management, Seagate Global Advisors, and Big Sky Capital, where he consistently exceeded fundraising goals and cultivated strong relationships with high-net-worth clients, family offices and institutional investors across the globe. His expertise spans a variety of asset classes, including distressed debt, special situations, event-driven strategies, credit-informed equities, structured credit, and opportunistic investments.

Marc Pierguidi

CFO of Secured Income Fund

Building on over 20 years of experience, Marc provides operational and financial leadership to high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs and their business holdings.

In 2000, Marc received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting from Siena College in New York State. He became a Certified Public Accountant in 2002 after gaining valuable post-graduate experience as an Auditor at Arthur Andersen. From there, Marc went on to serve as an Accounting Manager within the real estate group at J.P. Morgan in New York City. Providing accounting and financial reporting for a $20 billion portfolio of real estate, Marc was able to help investors and executives at J.P. Morgan with capital allocation, fund raising, and compliance.

In 2006, Marc joined New York City based Clarion Partners LLC, then the largest real estate investment manager in the world. In addition to serving as the Controller for a portfolio of real estate owned by New York State Common Retirement Fund, he was tasked with setting up a new real estate platform for opportunistic and value-add real estate opportunities. Marc was able to partner with the Portfolio Manager and Investor Relations department to successfully raise funds from high-net-worth individuals and deploy this capital across a diverse set of real estate assets comprised of multi-family, self-storage, office and industrial properties. From treasury, to accounting systems and performance reporting, Marc and his team created a seamless and successful real estate investment platform.

Marc relocated to Los Angeles in 2008 and joined real estate investment manager and developer CIM Group. Overseeing portfolios of real estate owned by pension funds and high net worth individuals, Marc was able to provide transparency, liquidity management and bank/debt compliance during the financial crisis. Marc sat on the Capital Markets Committee at CIM Group, where executives and ownership met to triage, forecast and ensure the overall health of the real estate portfolios. Marc worked closely with his team to ensure quick and accurate monthly accounting cycles, robust financial reporting and up to date, live data reporting to help the company maintain liquidity, expand, fund-raise, and preserve the profits of the portfolios.

In 2012, Marc joined a high-net-worth single-family office as the CFO. Marc was a key advisor to the Chairman and his family, providing tax and estate planning, financial reporting, investment structuring and overall family office administration. From real estate acquisitions, fuel distribution networks, manufacturing plants, to ground up multi-family developments, Marc was able to provide full-cycle accounting, equity and loan sourcing, asset management and tax compliance to a diverse array of assets on behalf of a high net worth individual and his family. Marc was also responsible for all aspects of financial operations, including cash management, financial reporting, income taxes, financial statement audits, budgeting, employee benefits and information technology.

In 2020, Marc became the Executive Director at InnoVise Family Wealth Advisors where he served as on outsourced CFO and COO to high-net-worth families, business founders and entrepreneurs. Marc’s clients consisted of multi-generational families with large and diverse investment portfolios, businesses in the real estate and credit space as well as technology start-ups founded by successful entrepreneurs. Marc’s leadership on all facets of their business from accounting, tax strategy, cash management, forecasting, human capital, debt/equity raise, to investor relations provided a solid operational infrastructure on behalf of his clients.

In September 2022, Marc joined Orchard Family Office Services, a boutique family office services firm headquartered in Southern California, which provides custom finance and legal solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and operates as the CFO, COO and General Counsel for the families thereof.


Breanna Sherohman

VP Controller

Breanna has made a significant career leap, advancing from her crucial role as Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator, where she honed her project management skills and contributed to creating seamless client experiences at Paradyme, to the strategic position of Vice President Controller. In her current role, Breanna oversees a wide array of vital departments, including Human Resources, Accounting, Investor Relations, Construction Management, and Marketing. This expansion of responsibilities is a testament to her ability to synergize diverse teams and drive operational excellence across multiple facets of the company.

With a rich background of over a decade in assisting senior executives, Breanna has adeptly demonstrated her capability to blend her extensive administrative expertise with strategic business objectives, ensuring maximum operational impacts and alignment with the company's goals. Her breadth of experience not only underscores her proficiency in project and team management but also highlights her as a versatile leader capable of navigating the complexities of various organizational functions.

Outside of her professional commitments, Breanna's passion for life extends into her personal interests. Though she no longer navigates the trails in a Jeep, her love for adventure and the outdoors remains, shared with her three large dogs. An avid gym-goer, Breanna is committed to her fitness and well-being. When not working out, she enjoys indulging in her love for baking, a hobby that complements her voracious appetite for reading. Breanna's diverse interests and active lifestyle reflect her dynamic approach to both her professional and personal life, embodying a well-rounded and engaging personality.

Mandi Heath

Operations & Debt Fund Director

As a Mortgage Loan Officer, Amanda Heath understands that she is guiding individuals and families toward their futures. This is why Amanda is incredibly well-versed as far as all available loan options and strategies for assisting clients throughout the course of their investment/real estate journeys. Amanda has lived in, or around, the Greater Nashville area for almost 20 years. She is or has been licensed in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Alabama. And in her first year as a licensed MLO, she closed out over double the national average for new loan officers.

Amanda is very active with her kids and family; she’s a devoted LSU & New Orleans Saints fan, and especially enjoys the simple life working in her garden or riding in her jeep with the top off.

Alesha Putnam

Jr. Loan Processor

Alesha, a resident of East Texas, is a dedicated Junior Loan Processor specializing in investment loans. With a passion for her job, Alesha brings her expertise in draw requests, extension requests, and document gathering to ensure seamless loan processing for her clients. Alesha's love for her job is evident in her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. Her attention to detail, efficient work ethic, and genuine care set her apart as a trusted partner in the investment loan journey.

When she's not hard at work, Alesha embraces the joys of spending quality time with family and friends. You can often find her at the river or lake, relishing outdoor adventures and creating cherished memories. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, and exciting rides on side by sides and 4-wheelers. Alesha takes delight in organizing BBQs and gathering around bonfires, where laughter and good company abound.

With her strong work ethic, love for her job, and genuine appreciation for quality time spent with loved ones, Alesha strikes a harmonious balance between her professional and personal life. She finds fulfillment in both her dedicated role as a Junior Loan Processor and the memorable moments she creates with family and friends.

Colton Richardson

Loan Originator

Colton J. Richardson embarked on his lending career in the thriving mortgage hub of Detroit, Michigan. With experience gained from prominent financial institutions and specialized private practices, he came to realize the paramount importance of a reliable partner for clients in their pursuit of capital.

Understanding that clients don't necessarily require all the funds upfront, but rather the assurance of it, Colton recognizes his role in making that promise. He approaches each client with an unwavering sense of responsibility and personalized attention, ensuring their needs are met every step of the way.

Born and raised in Rochester, Michigan, Colton holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Advertising and Management from Michigan State University. Additionally, during his time at Miami of Ohio, he developed a passion for architecture and history, having minored in Roman Civilization. His extensive travels throughout Europe have further enriched his knowledge in these areas.

Outside the office, Colton cherishes moments with friends and family, often spending his leisure time traveling or indulging in water-related activities. His diverse interests and experiences contribute to his well-rounded perspective, allowing him to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Dennis Roberts

General Contractor

Dennis Roberts is a seasoned professional with a diverse and accomplished career in the construction and real estate industry. His journey began in concrete construction, where he honed his skills working alongside his father in a company specializing in various concrete-related projects, including precast members, box-formed structures, curb, gutter, and pavements. This early experience provided him with a solid foundation in the practical aspects of construction.

For over two decades, Dennis served as the regional principal director of a company dedicated to construction materials, geotechnical engineering, and environmental consulting. In this role, he oversaw a multitude of projects, managed teams, and ensured compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations. Dennis's expertise in soils and environmental concerns became invaluable in guaranteeing the stability and sustainability of construction endeavors.

Over the past decade, Dennis transitioned into general contracting, real estate sales, and construction consulting. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of construction and engineering, he has helped clients navigate the construction process from vision to project execution. As a general contractor, he has been directly involved in project planning, scheduling, budgeting, subcontractor coordination, and ensuring successful project outcomes. Dennis's commitment to client satisfaction and education remains a core aspect of his approach to his work, making him a trusted and reliable figure in the industry.

Hannah Wray

Investor Relations Assistant

Hannah Wray brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the real estate and wholesaling industry to her role as an Investors Relations Assistant. With a career that began just two years ago, Hannah's meteoric rise in the real estate field reflects her exceptional skills and deep understanding of this intricate industry, as well as the paramount importance of building and maintaining client relationships.

Hannah's journey started in the trenches as a real estate agent, where she swiftly acquired the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the market. Transitioning into wholesaling, she further honed her negotiation skills and deepened her market knowledge, establishing herself as a professional who thrives in this dynamic environment.

In her current capacity, Hannah excels at managing intricate schedules, orchestrating high-level meetings, and streamlining operations, all with a keen eye for detail. Her role ensures that Chairman and Founder, Ryan Garland, and the Paradyme team can concentrate on their core objectives, secure in the knowledge that every essential detail is meticulously handled.
Hannah's dedication to excellence and unwavering work ethic have significantly contributed to Paradyme's remarkable success. Her commitment aligns perfectly with Paradyme's vision of making a positive impact in the real estate world.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Hannah remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and developments, believing that continuous education and self-improvement are key to success. Serving as an Investor Relations Assistant, is both an honor and a privilege for her, and she is enthusiastic about her role in contributing to Paradyme's continued growth and success as a valued member of the dedicated Paradyme family.

Joseph Roman


Joe brings a self-made entrepreneur's mindset to Paradyme, embodying the principles of hard work, resilience, and unwavering determination. Over the course of a decade, Joe has honed his craft in photography and videography, collaborating with a diverse array of brands spanning action sports, lifestyle, small businesses, and the corporate landscape. His unyielding commitment and resilience are qualities he attributes to his upbringing.

Joe's foray into marketing and media has endowed him with a distinctive outlook and a profound ability to connect with people on a profound level. Despite eschewing the traditional path of college education, Joe has masterfully cultivated and managed two thriving businesses, with a strong emphasis on media production tailored to enhance brand marketing. He possesses a remarkable knack for identifying and seizing opportunities, and he thrives on embracing novel challenges as a self-proclaimed risk-taker.

Joe's entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have not only propelled him towards personal achievements but have also carved a notable reputation in the industry. When not immersed in his work, Joe's devotion to family shines through. As a loving fiancé and a dedicated father to three children under the age of six, he is unwavering in his commitment to ensuring the happiness and safety of his family at all times.

Harrison Avisto

Manager of Marketing & Strategy

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Harrison now resides in Newport Beach, CA. He brings a wealth of knowledge through his experiences in construction, technology sales/raising capital, and Go-to-Market strategy. Harrison has always tapped into his creative side and found an incredible ability to assemble value-driven collateral for companies and prospects. Having worked for the largest customer success company in the world in a past life, he has always had incredible admiration for ensuring his clients see consistent growth and merit with the relationship.

Outside of his professional passions, he is always remaining on the move, pursuing fitness goals to counteract his love for trying as many new cuisines as possible. His goal is to follow the culinary experiences of Anthony Bourdain around the world. He additionally is a fond fan of Team Red Bull's Formula One team and has set his aim on attending every racetrack in the world.


Nate Dodson


Nate has over 15 years of helping clients on matters related to securities, financing, real estate, asset protection, and M&A. Not only has he assisted in the real estate transactions, financing, and investment side but also has developed ground-up commercial properties and participated on the GP side of approximately 4,000 multifamily units over the years.

Prior to his legal practice, Nate was a stockbroker giving him a unique experience in investment sales, structures, and asset protection. Through leveraging his expertise in the industry along with the help from his long list of trusted connections, he has personally represented over $2 Billion in real estate and business funding transactions over the years.

While his full-time efforts are focused on the securities practice with and management of Crowdfunding Lawyers, he remains a partner at his diversified (transactional, litigation, and family law) namesake law firm Dodson Legal Group, founded in 2007.

Steve Anapoell

Attorney At Law

Steve Anapoell is an experienced business transactional, securities, and tax lawyer whose practice focuses on private equity, fund formation, joint ventures, private securities offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. He has served as lead corporate and securities counsel in the design, structure, or documentation of some of the largest private real estate offerings in the United States, involving approximately $2 billion.
Steve represents acquirers, sellers, and others in connection with a wide variety of both public and private transactions. With an advanced law degree in taxation, Steve brings together a deep understanding of both corporate and tax issues to provide his clients with comprehensive and
integrated solutions to their business and transactional needs. Clients regularly look to Steve for his business-oriented and innovative solutions to overcoming structural roadblocks, as well as his understanding of the corporate, tax, and business issues they confront. His extensive experience in these areas allows him to assist clients with entity formation, financings, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and other business endeavors in a tax-efficient manner and to avoid costly pitfalls. Additionally, Steve is recognized as one of the top EB-5 program securities attorneys in the United States and is considered a thought leader in the industry. He served as lead corporate and securities counsel for the largest EB-5 securities offering in the United States, represented one of the world’s largest restaurant franchisors in designing protocols and deal structure to enable franchisees to use EB-5 capital to develop and operate additional locations, and represented the City of Miami in structuring the organization and implementation of its EB-5 Regional Center.

Martin Mullen


Mr. Mullen is the managing partner of Rowe Mullen, LLP. He has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of areas, including real estate and commercial transactions, real estate financing, land use and regulatory proceedings, general business transactions and litigation, including: Representation of corporations, businesses and individuals in contract and transactional negotiations. Representation of businesses and individuals in real estate transactions and real estate litigation. Representation of corporations, businesses and individuals in commercial disputes, trials and arbitrations. Representation of clients in land use and regulatory proceedings, including developmental approvals and condemnation actions.
Representation and counseling services in connection with real estate financing and purchase transactions.

Admissions and Associations:
United States Supreme Court
California Supreme Court
All California Trial and Appellate Courts
United States District Court: Southern and Central Districts
California State Bar Association
San Diego County Bar Association

University of Texas, Juris Doctor, with Honors; Order of the Coif, 1988
University of Iowa, Bachelor of Business Administration, with Honors, 1985

Mr. Mullen has negotiated in excess of 1,000 transactions, and has successfully litigated
many hundreds of legal disputes. Please visit www.rowemullen.com to see a sampling of Mr. Mullen’s extensive list of results and accomplishments.

Michael Floryan

Special Counsel

Mr. Floryan has an extensive background in law, business and finance. He is a California attorney and founder of Floryan Law, P.C., who specializes in serving ultra-high-net-worth clients as their General Counsel and family office executive. In this role, Michael is responsible for all legal matters concerning, and the management and strategic growth of, a diverse portfolio of investment assets, including approximately $2 billion of real estate throughout the United States, comprised of industrial, medical, multi-family, traditional office, retail, self-storage, airport hangars, mixed-use buildings. land holdings, fixed-base aircraft fueling operations in Southern California and ongoing residential and commercial development projects throughout California. In addition to managing extensive real estate portfolios, Michael is experienced in overseeing clients’ operating businesses in numerous industries and hospitality portfolios. Michael has also pioneered and established hard money lending arms for his clients, which operate as bridge financing vehicles for real estate acquisitions and gasoline station owners and operators. Beyond his technical transactional legal practice and executive services, Michael acts as his clients’ personal attorney and counsel and handles any and all matters affecting his clients, which include, among other things, overseeing and managing outside litigation attorneys, administering trust and estate matters (including overseeing Form 706 filings), handling and resolving intrafamily disputes, and operating as his clients’ field general when needed.

In August 2022, Michael found Orchard Family Office Services, a boutique family office services firm headquartered in Southern California, which provides custom finance and legal solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and operates as the CFO, COO and General Counsel for the families thereof.

Prior to serving ultra-high-net-worth and family office clients, Michael worked for Los Angeles law firms Liner LLP (now DLA Piper) and Sklar Kirsh LLP as a real estate and corporate finance attorney. Michael counseled clients on a broad array of corporate and real estate transaction issues, including, but not limited to, limited liability company and corporation formation, acquisition of competitors’ assets in a bulk sale, acquisition of assets in a bankruptcy auction, environmental impact report analysis and diligence, commercial lease transactions, lease agreement compliance, financing and refinancing multi-family residential properties and commercial properties, joint ventures and syndications for the purposes of property acquisition, property operation, property management, acquisitions, dispositions, and hard-money lending company formation and operation.

Prior to his woek in the legal field, Michael was a land development manager/coordinator for homebuilder Pardee Homes, where he managed all aspects of the infrastructure and development of nine master-planned communities totaling over 4,100 acres of residential development in California.

Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from the University of Southern California and his Juris Doctor degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law, where he graduated cum laude. In addition, Michael is a Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution Certificate recipient. Michael is published in both the Pepperdine Law Review and the 2011 Thompson West Zoning And Planning Law Handbook. Michael is an active member of the California Bar Association and was elected as a Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Star, by Super Lawyers and Los Angeles Magazine in 2014 and 2015, and as a Rising Star by the Association for Corporate Growth Los Angeles (ACG LA) in 2014.

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