Earlier this week, the stock market had one of the largest losses in the history of the stock market. The Dow Jones went down over 800 points. Outside the stock market, many signs are hinting at a minor recession on the horizon. As an investor, it is smart to make sure that your portfolio is ready to weather the storm if that recession does hit.

Having a portfolio that is heavy in both stocks and bonds is a great way to diversify, but if a market downturn hits, both of those assets classes will be affected. All of the associates here at Paradyme have been through the recession in 2008 and it effected all of us. We learned an important lesson and are now in a great position to be able to educate our investors on how to survive the next market downturn.

It is important to add investment assets to your portfolio that actually perform BETTER during the next market downturn. The investment experts at Paradyme have understood this for years and have many offerings available for investors to be able to invest into multi-family apartments which are the most recession-resistant commercial real estate assets available. Paradyme has carefully and thoroughly vetted the best deals and properties that they believe will actually perform better during the likely recession.

Even if there is an economic downturn in the near future, the apartment sector is likely to hold up, according to industry experts. “Apartments are still resilient against a possible recession,” says Andrew Rybczynski, senior consultant for CoStar Group Portfolio Strategy.

During a recession, companies need to tighten their budgets and this usually leads to lay-offs or a decrease in pay. For families receiving less household income, a mortgage becomes too expensive and they will need to resort to renting an apartment. Along with this fact, the increasing amount of student debt is making it impossible for people under 35 years old to buy a house. Most actually prefer renting to buying at this time so they can stay flexible and are not tied down to any specific large purchase while paying down their debt.

These trends and many more  are reasons why we can confidently say that Paradyme offers one of the best solutions to the eventual recession coming our way. If an investor can get out in front of the problem, they will be ready to handle it much better and will protect themselves and their families from the consequences. Our team at Paradyme can walk you through each step of the process, give you more information about multifamily investing, and even help you find money to invest in ways that you haven’t thought of! Our expert wealth managers have helped people find $100,000+ without having much liquid money in the bank!

We would love to get to know you and your investment goals so please contact us today!

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