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Case Studies

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“Mark wanted to invest

but his cash was tied up

in a life insurance contract”


Wealth Management


Mark S., Temecula, CA

What Paradyme Did For Him

Mark attended a recent Paradyme Funding real estate investing event and set an appointment to consult with our in-house wealth advisor, Harold Goldman.

Mark was eager to invest in Paradyme’s platform as an accredited investor. Mark wanted to invest, but his cash was tied up in a life insurance contract, from which he had an existing loan of $40,000.

He was able to access the cash value in his policy to not only invest into the Paradyme real estate platform, but the preferred interest he was earning serviced the existing loan balance, generated enough income to pay back the entire loan balance, and put additional cash earnings in his pocket…and with no cash out-of-pocket.


Lee owns a $2mm IRA

annuity that has earned

an average of 4%


Wealth Management


Lee L., New Jersey

What We Did

Lee is a dentist who owns a $2mm IRA annuity that has earned an average of 4%. In an effort to earn a better interest rate, and to get involved in real estate investing. Lee decided to take a 10% penalty-free withdrawal from his annuity ($200,000) and invest the funds into the Paradyme real estate platform to earn upwards of 8%.

With the assistance of Paradyme’s wealth management team, Lee opened a self-directed IRA account, transferred $200,000 from the insurance company to the self-directed IRA account, which then transferred his funds to Paradyme.

The profit from his real estate investment will be fed back to the self-directed IRA account and distributed to Lee as he would distribute any IRA funds.

He’s planning on doing the same 10% withdrawal from his IRA annuity until all funds are invested within the diverse Paradyme real estate fund.


John and his wife Pam

have been Paradyme

clients for over 10 years


Wealth Management


John S., San Francisco

What We Did

John and his wife Pam have been clients for over 10 years. John is already retired at the age of 65. His wife Pam just recently retired as a pharmacist.

Pam had a substantial 401(k) and now that she was retired, she was allowed to move her funds away from her existing employer. She opened a self-directed IRA account, transferred her 403(b) funds to the self-directed IRA and then to the Paradyme platform.

John, not wanting to be left out, used cash from his under-performing annuity to do the same as Pam.

Their daughter Nancy purchased a cash-valued IUL life insurance contract over a year ago that was funded with the assistance of her parents. She took a loan from her policy at 4%, invested the borrowed funds into the Paradyme platform and earned upwards of 8%, literally doubling to cost of her borrowed funds.

At the same time her funds were earning interest while invested in the Paradyme platform, her cash value in her life insurance contract was earning interest…at the same time, and with the same dollars.

Needless to say, Nancy is quite pleased to be earning interest in two places at the same time; in her Paradyme real estate investment, and in her life insurance contract.

Harold Goldman

Founder & Sr. Advisor, FinancialSafetyNet, LLC
Director & Senior Wealth Advisor, Paradyme WEALTH
Founder & President, Emes Insurance Services, Inc.

Harold Goldman is the Founder and Senior Advisor of FinancialSafetyNet, LLC while serving as President of Emes Insurance Services, Inc., as well as a board member of Paradyme Funding, Inc.

He is the visionary behind the idea of an unbiased financial education utilizing public online platforms. In an effort to promote educated financial decision-making, helps people improve their financial competency through rich content and access to financial experts.

For over 30 years, Harold has been a successful businessman, estate planning and insurance consultant, agent trainer and experienced financial lecturer with over 1,000 clients. He is licensed in his home State of California and most other states and has participated in the formation of hundreds of small-business corporations.

Graduated from the Eastern Military Academy and trained as a polymer engineer, Harold designed and built high-tech plastic recycling plants throughout the U.S. and abroad. He is considered the nation’s leading authority in the plastics recycling industry.

Then in 2002, as a successful business owner of manufacturing companies, he retired from the recycling plastics business and formed Emes Consultants to assist his clients in creating retirement wealth through creative financial and insurance planning.

As a professional financial educator and advocate for educating the public on financial information which affects them most, he has conducted hundreds of public seminars on retirement planning. Harold also continues to train hundreds of agents on strategies, products and services which support the success of their clients.

Serving as the founder and member of FinancialSafteyNet, Harold tirelessly works to make financial stability accessible for the long-term. His goal is that all interested professionals from the various fields of finance, real estate, law, health, insurance, estate and retirement planning feel free to participate in sharing their common interests with to offer higher quality resources for the general public and individual interest.

  • Licenses: Insurance Licensed for Life and Health (CA and most other states)
  • Insurance Licensed for Property and Casualty (CA and most other states)
  • Certifications: Certified College Advisor (American College Foundation)
  • Certified Long-Term Care Agent (California Partnership for Long-Term Care)
  • Estate Planning and Retirement Specialist
  • Workers’ Compensation Specialist
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