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Ryan Garland, CEO

Ryan Garland’s unparalleled ability to understand the Real Estate market, and to consequentially shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career.

As an accomplished Civil Engineer, Ryan started his lending carrier in the traditional SFR space. Due to Ryan’s ability to establish relationships with HNW clientele (High-Net-Worth) and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month during the 2008 recession period. Strictly focused on “workout turnarounds” or known as flips. Both in the SFR and Commercial sectors. Operating as an LP, Ryan was voted #1 Top Originator in California for 4 years straight. Ryan also made top producers magazine. A nationwide publication. Ryan has been involved in over 1.5 Billion in real estate distressed transactions.

Due to Ryan’s ability to establish relationships with high-net-worth clientele, and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month, during the 2008 recession period, strictly focused on “workout turnarounds”, also known as flips. This was done in both the SFR and Commercial Real Estate (CRE), sectors.

When brokering private mortgage (debt) transactions, Ryan, quickly aligned with Pelorus Equity Group as the only originator and face of the company for four years, and subsequently with Anchor loans, the largest lender on the West Coast with a staff of 90 professionals (at the time) and $3.5 Billion in annual transactions.

Ryan was ranked #1 Top Originator in California for four years during this time period. Garland was also voted Top Producer in the nation for five years. Garland has been featured in Top Producers magazine, and in world wide publications, including Family Office Investor and Yacht Investor.

Doug McAllister, President

Doug McAllister had just finished his first term as Mayor when the Recession of 2008 began. Relishing the challenge, McAllister partnered with Developers, Local and State Government, and the Feds, to find solutions that would eventually overcome the impacts of the Recession.

In spite of all the challenges, predicted that Murrieta would be one of the cities to lead the entire country out of the recession. By the time McAllister retired as Mayor in 2012, that is exactly what happened. Through it all, Doug learned firsthand from a position of leadership what does and does not work for business, in particular, real estate, in a challenged economy. His success stemmed directly from his ability to see and understand both sides of the public and private sector.

He has continued to build on those relationships, gaining inside knowledge, negotiating mutually beneficial public/private agreements, and generally guiding business and government successfully through the maze that is the public/private reality. Whether it is distressed assets, multi-family, commercial, retail, industrial or more, injecting McAllister’s skills, relationships and experience into the underwriting process only adds security to the investor.

Harold Goldman, EVP & Sr. Wealth Manager

Harold Goldman retired in 1998 as a plastics engineer. After developing nine patents and sitting on multiple advisory boards for plastic recycling plants across the nation, Harold came out of retirement.He wanted to give back and use his knowledge and passion for financial freedom to benefit others. Harold travelled all over the country providing educational seminars, preparing in-depth, tailored strategy for individuals to get through retirement.

Considering the losses these individuals had following the recession, Goldman provided a clear path to get people back on their feet. Harold’s life experience includes being an active real estate investor for over 25 years. He launched his company and brand Financial Safety Net (FSN). FSN has provided over 1,500 articles spread across hundreds of large publications. Due to the generation of which Harold relates to most, he was able to identify two very strong investment vehicles that are proven throughout history to provide returns and a direct need. Using 401k’s, IRA’s, Life Insurance, Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds, Goldman has directed clients into the realm of having financial safety.

Even though Harold has continued to stay active in his personal real estate investing, he’s most proud to state, he’s servicing over 1200+ clients, with Paradyme. Harold maintains unparalleled knowledge with participation in VC, Startup Capital raising, and has opened the world of High-Net-Worth clients, with an appetite in diversification, to Paradyme.